heavenly teavana

since they were everywhere, i walked around the many malls in downtown seattle to check out stores unique to seattle and those i haven’t been to before. that’s how i found teavana. outside and inside the tea shop are complimentary tea tasting stations with teavana’s tea concoctions.

i tried their jasmine dragon/phoenix pearls and the samurai chai mate/white ayurvedic chai. they were both really good – they sure know how to mix their teas to create new flavors! there were also other tea flavors in teapots to try, including the rare silver needle white tea as well as a unique peach momotaro tea. the later tea in its dry form is a ball but it blossoms into a flower when brewed. it was fun trying all the different flavors of tea!as well as make tea beautiful. in addition to tea, they sell rock sugar, tea making tools as well as tea cans, pots and cups.

not only does teavana sell and serve wonderful tea, they also give back to the community. working to improve the lives of those who live in tea producing areas of the world, teavana partners with CARE and annually donates 1% of all profits from teas sold to CARE. the money is used to improve education, create access to safe water and offer greater economic opportunities. all teavana teas are part of this equatrade program.

buy tea at Teavana at Pacific Place Mall in seattle, wa or shop online


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