wrap me in a baohaus

i love reliving flavors from my youth and baohaus takes me to one of these places. when i was young, my mom used to make gua bao (a steamed, soft, chewy white bread) from scratch. after the baos were ready, we would fill it with pork belly and soy sauce egg, and have a feast. it is one of my most delicious memories from my childhood.

owner, eddie huang, knows the flavor as he also grew up with wonderful flavors. his grandfather sold bao zhi in taiwan. now eddie has taken on bao zhi his own style and using responsible ingredients and equipment. then pork, beef, tofu or chicken are wrapped in his own creation. his care and passion shows in this cute little place devoted to the bao. i knew i would enjoy the savory baos but we also enjoyed an extra surprise – the sweet bao fries. a sweetened bao that cut up into little squares and fried. it was pretty amazing!

eddie huang is quite the chef and a fun personality too. i enjoy reading his blog and i look forward to trying his new restaurant, xiao ye, that is scheduled to open this month. i see good food in my future!

eat at Baohaus in the lower east side, ny

read eddie huang’s blog: fresh off the boat

* check out my post about eddie huang’s new restaurant Xiao Ye


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