teppanyaki at midori matsu

it has been a long time since i’ve been to a japanese restaurant that had a teppanyaki* chef that cooked food for you on a large iron plate. so it was fun to find one to take my dad for father’s day. located between forest hills and kew gardens in queens is a restaurant named midori matsu.

there are 2 rooms in the restaurant – a large room for those who want teppanyaki and those who don’t. we, of course, did so we could get a variety. we ordered some sushi rolls as well as shirmp, scallop, lobster and chilean sea bass to be cooked on the large hot plate by a teppanyaki chef. our chef flipped utensils, caught shrimp tails in his breast pocket and lit an onion volcano on fire. oooooh. ahhhhh.

we enjoyed the show, had a good meal and spent some time with dad.

eat at Midori Matsu in queens, ny

fyi: sometimes the word hibachi is incorrectly used at restaurants to refer to teppanyaki style cooking


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