music and burgers at pop burger

i heard about this place because a dj i heard at an event a few months ago spins at pop burger’s wednesday night “after work party.” i’m always up for trying a new burger place so m & i went there for a bite. we went to the 58th street east side location. the exterior is funky and fun.

if you buy food at the counter on the lower floor, prices are cheaper than if you buy at the lounge upstairs, where the menu is different and costs more but you get the comfy seats and the ambiance.

we opted to eat downstairs where the walls are decorated with posters of cambell soup cans. we had the 2 mini cheese pop burgers, french fries, pop corn (on the cob) and a chocolate milk shake. all i can say is – yum!

the fries are deep fried to perfection and stayed crispy throughout the meal, the burgers, altho mini, were fat with lots of trimmings which made them stack high and added to the experience of biting into a big burger without short-changing on flavor or tenderness. the corn-on-the-cob was grilled and flavored well. the shake was nice, thick and very chocolaty.

over all, it was a great treat when being baaad.

eat at Pop Burger in nyc, ny


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