xi’an famous foods

i was looking for a restaurant and came across xi’an famous foods. i was intrigued by its cuisine from the western region of china, Xi’an, and its artisanal hand-pulled noodles so some friends and i decided to give it a try.

between four of us, we ordered 9 dishes … hey, it was a new place and we were hungry! some of the dishes we ordered included the liang pi “cold skin noodles,” chang’an spicy tofu, spicy & tingly beef noodles in soup, tiger vegetables salad and the day’s recommendation: spicy & tingly lamb leg salad. you could tell the noodles were freshly made as they were chewy and sticky and toothsome. the recommended dish had a great spicy flavor and even though i’m not a big fan of lamb, i couldn’t stop eating the salad!

there are 3 locations with more opening. not all locations have seating so we went to the location on main street in flushing. xi’an foods is one of many food stands in a basement. it has the feel of the outdoor night markets in taiwan – tight corners, few seats but good food. unfortunately, they use styrofoam plates and bowls. if you want to take home leftover dishes with sauce or soup, you need to bring your own containers or throw away. we didn’t happen to have our own containers, which was a shame – i would have loved to take home the sauce from the spicy & tingly lamb leg salad!

eat at Xi’an Famous Foods in flushing or nyc, ny


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