little cupcake lover cart

i was in the village shopping and passed by a cart stationed on broadway between houston and bleecker selling cupcakes.

called little cupcake lover, they sell mini bite-size cupcakes and standard size cupcakes:


  • little cupcakes come in the following flavors:

    vanilla, red velvet, mint chocolate, black & white swirl, oreo, chocolate peanut butter, strawberry, peanut butter & jelly, nutella mint and chocolate



  • large cupcakes come in the following flavors:

    chocolate sprinkled,  lemon sprinkled, rainbow sprinkled, spring sprinkled, red velvet, ocean sprinkled and violet sprinkled

i wanted a nutella mint cupcake but they had sold out so i settled for the little mint chocolate cupcake. the mint frosting was light and fluffy while the cupcake was moist and chocolatey – yum yum yum!

if i hadn’t just eaten lunch, i definitely would have gotten a lot more! so i’ll just have to find another excuse to go shopping and meet up with my little cupcake lover!

follow the Little Cupcake Lover Cart in soho, nyc


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