it’s mardi gras time

where else should we go to have a party than at mardi gras? it was a celebratory occasion so we went to MG’s Restaurant and Bar. known for its southern, cajun & creole cooking, we had a party in our tummy

we had quite a variety of dishes:

  • parihuela soup: catfish, calamari, mussels & clams on a spicy fish broth
  • jalapeno mashed potatoes
  • southern style pernil: pork shoulder roasted in fresh garlic, lime juice on a skillet with side of rice and beans
  • shrimp etouffee: baby shrimp smothered in a rich brown rouz seafood sauce with rice
  • jammin’ jambalaya: smothered ham, spicy sausage & chicken breast in a spicy sauce mixed with rice
  • special tilapia with mango salsa
  • also heard their cajun fried chicken is pretty amazing too!

if you can’t make it down to new orleans, you should stop by mardi gras. it was a fun, spicy and delicious time!

eat at MG’s (Mardi Gras) Restaurant & Bar in forest hills, ny


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