roll around ed’s lobster bar

i took my family to ed’s lobster bar in the village a few years ago and we enjoyed their new england clam chowder and lobster roll with fries and ed’s pickles. the lobster roll had large chunks of lobster, great flavor and amazing bread that was perfectly toasted. it was SO GOOD!

when i read a few weeks ago that ed’s lobster bar was opening a new location at the world financial center in early june, i was excited! i was meeting a friend at wfc and decided this would be our lunch destination. with just 2 register tables, a grill and a prep table, the restaurant is outdoors and serving people who are willing to wait on a line for some seafood rolls. it was worth the wait as the food was just as good as the restaurant – YUM!

i also read that more food carts will open at other locations in new york, including the new brooklyn bridge park. YAY – more places to enjoy this lobster roll. i can’t wait!

eat at Ed’s Lobster Bar at their restaurant in the village, at the world financial center and at future locations

* did you you know about the duel of best lobster rolls? read my post


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