tazza bakery enoteca

en route to the new brooklyn bridge park with friends, we stopped at tazza for a quick bite. tazza is cafe, wine, bakery, salads and sandwiches all in one!

i had the prosciutto, mozzarella, arugula hot pressed panini with ciabatta bread. the ciabatta bread is pressed to perfection and is nice and crunchy with each bite. with it, a small cup of a hazelnut iced coffee and finally something sweet. there’s no shortage of sweets to choose from – from cupcakes, slices of cake, cookies – including dinosaur shaped cookies, pastries and sweet bars. i had their chocolate croissant that was just average but their key lime cookie is so light, fluffy and tart – yum!

tazza is not as open to the technology world as your local starbucks. no wireless service. no cell phones. just enjoy your coffee, your food and relax. not a bad motto.

eat at Tazza Bakery Enoteca in brooklyn, ny

visit the new Brooklyn Bridge Park in progress:


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