allergies, pesticides, organic

i am allergic to some foods – mainly fruits – since around high school. prior to then i was able to them with no problem! i was especially bummed that i couldn’t bite into a crunchy sweet granny smith apple – probably the fruit i miss the most. some told me the issue was pesticide.

when organic foods started appearing in our supermarkets as a potential solution, it was too expensive so i didn’t get to try it until years later. unfortunately it didn’t do the trick as i am still allergic.

since 1985, the environmental working group puts out a list of foods to avoid or eat the cleanest by buying organic. here is the 2010 list:

  1. celery
  2. peaches
  3. strawberries
  4. apples
  5. blueberries
  6. nectarines
  7. bell peppers
  8. spinach
  9. kale
  10. cherries
  11. potatoes
  12. grapes
  13. leafy greens
  14. carrots
  15. pears

in addition, there are concerns of some foods not just for pesticide but also for how animals are treated, how foods are processed, as well as the health of workers and how workers are paid. these foods to also buy organic are meat, eggs, milk, bananas and coffee (organic, fair trade and shade grown). i also read from a different source that if you use the zest of the acidic fruits (orange, lemon, lime) that you should buy the organic fruits since you are eating the exterior of the fruits.

unfortunately, organic foods are still more expensive than non organic foods so you may not be able to afford or need to buy everything organic. it is good to know there are some foods that we don’t need to buy organic:

  1. onion
  2. avocado
  3. sweet corn
  4. pineapple
  5. mango
  6. asparagus
  7. sweet peas
  8. kiwi
  9. cabbage
  10. eggplant
  11. papaya
  12. watermelon
  13. broccoli
  14. tomato
  15. sweet potato

regardless of whether you buy organic or non organic products, make sure to clean your foods well before eating or cooking with. be safe and eat well!


grocery tip

  • rachael ray suggests you wash all your fresh products when you come home from shopping so it’s all clean and ready once you are ready to cook – or eat. i like that!

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