no sushi at hiroko’s place

when most people think of japanese food, they think sushi. they may even think noodles. at hiroko’s place you won’t find sushi and you won’t find noodles. but yes, it is japanese food – comfort japanese food.

omu curry that has rice inside a thin omelette (omurice) with rich spicy curry on top, seafood doria with seafood over rice with cheese above and oozing all over, and ice cream parfaits with fresh fruit, red beans and surprising corn flakes crunch at the bottom. then there’s a fruits tea with fresh fruit steeped inside that has a wonderful aroma and siphoned coffee that is described as producing a stronger, milder flavor. yum yum yum!

hiroko’s place is a warm, cozy restaurant. cute artwork adorn the walls – girls with bling or fabric, in frames or as large drapes, in kimonos or as a goldfish. wall units with different kinds of teacups on display as well as japanese magazines, books and manga for your browsing. it’s a lovely place to have a leisurely meal. no one rushes you to eat faster or takes your plate away when you’re not done. the wait staff doesn’t rush either – they are relaxed, polite and friendly. you can eat, converse and enjoy.

eat at Hiroko’s Place in soho, nyc

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