youth food revolution

do you remember what you had for lunch when you were a kid? for the most part, my parents packed my school lunches but i remember being envious of other kids’ meals: mac and cheese, hamburgers, hot dogs, mashed potatoes, tater tots … how lucky were they? boy do i feel lucky today.

it was a shocking presentation about our school lunch in the premiere of abc’s new show: Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. jamie’s mission begins with his goal to help huntington, west virginia, the unhealthiest city in america. he is met by a resentful radio personality, resistant elementary school kitchen staff and a family who recognizes their problem but in denial about the need for followup. there are also kids who can’t name fresh vegetables and cooks whose job is feeding hundreds of kids by heating up processed foods. all people have good intentions and are just getting through their daily life but they do not recognize or understand the long term ramifications of unhealthy eating. as adults we may blame fast food chains but in jamie oliver’s show, we wonder if we should begin by looking at what elementary schools program children to eat on a daily basis. perhaps then we can understand why the current generation of adults are so unhealthy — what they seek to eat as well as what they serve to their own children. the show’s hook: our kids may be the first generation not to outlive their parents. scary.

in the last few years, some improvements has begun. the issue of obesity been raised more frequently to increase awareness. fast food chains have changed from using trans fat. fresh vegetables and organic foods have gained popularity. the unfortunate thing is that buying healthy is considered more expensive, prepping healthier is assumed to be more time consuming and eating healthy is expected to bland and inedible. if i’ve learned anything from my 9 months of blogging about food, it is that healthy living isn’t that much more expensive, it doesn’t take very long to prepare and it is quite tasty! so come on, let the food revolution rage on.

more information on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution as well as his other campaigns

michelle obama broke ground for the The White House Organic Farm Project a year ago and launched the Let’s Move! a nationwide campaign to tackle the challenge of childhood obesity

rachael ray and her Yum-O organization strives helps children and family learn to eat healthier

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