not all creams are created equal … what is cream?

i was making my cappuccino tart, i went looking for whipping cream but instead i saw heavy cream and light whipping cream. since i didn’t know the difference, i made it easy for myself and bought pre-made whipped cream. a few days later, i had sunny anderson’s show cooking for real on and i heard her say, “you know heavy cream and whipping cream is the same thing, right?” … well, no! i wish i knew it when i was at the store the other day!

so, i went online and found this page that made it quite easy to understand. basically the difference between the creams is the amount of butterfat in the different kinds of cream. for my purpose of making whipping cream, if there is not enough butterfat, the cream may not whip. half and half or light whipping cream won’t whip (unless the light whipping cream has 30% butterfat but most light whipping cream only has 20% butterfat). whipping cream or heavy cream would do the trick. double cream, which has about 48% butterfat, may over whip and get too thick.

this may be more info about cream than i really need to know but i love mousse desserts. in the future, i’ll know when i make another mousse cake, i can pick up the heavy cream if whipping cream is not in stock!

more info on what’s cooking america webpage: Types of Cream – Definitions of Cream – What is Cream?


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