morton’s bar bites

if you’re in the mood for a inexpensive good burger, who says you can’t go to a steakhouse? morton’s of chicago shows us how – some with a separate bar (bar 12.21) and others with their bar bites menu, which consists of mini cheeseburgers, steak sandwiches, crab cakes, chicken strips, fries and seafood.

m & i went to a morton’s bar 12.21 and they had both a small bar bite menu as well as a big bar bite menu. the big bar bite menu had two additional items: a steak or a big prime burger. you get to choose the cheese and a topping (bacon, mushroom or onion). i like mine with cheddar and mushrooms. YUM! m got the three prime cheeseburgers and they were pretty good too. next time we go, i want to try their four petit filet mignon sandwiches! at the bar 12.21 location we went to, they have a special between 4:30 – 6:30 and after 9pm — their small bar bites menu is only $6! what a steal!

but whether you go for their bar bites menu or their regular menu, you got to end the meal with their famous morton’s legendary hot chocolate cake! you may want to order it in advance because it takes 35 minutes to make. but even if you have to wait, like we did, it is oh so worth it! soft warm chocolate cake with a little crunchy exterior … molten chocolate oozing out from the middle … top it with the french vanilla ice cream … baby, it is lip-smacking good!

eat at bar 12.12 at Morton’s of Chicago > Bar Bites


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