indian family feast

when adding new members to one’s family, what better way than to gather over food? part one took place at my in-laws-to-be’s place and n’s family made a humongous indian feast!

the food fest started with wonderful appetizers including egg rolls, samosas and puffed lentil buns — and that was just the preview of what was to come. dinner comprised of 4 meat dishes: shrimp, beef, sausage and n’mom’s specialty: chicken with onions; 3 vegetable dishes: salad, cauliflower and broccoli; and rice with golden raisins. finally, a sweet rice dessert flavored with sugar and rose water.

i love indian food but it was even better to have homemade indian food made for you as well as good company. even though we helped ourselves to each dish, one must be careful because when eating with family, one can only expect parents to scoop additional food onto your already full plates! needless to say, we were all overstuffed at the end of the evening. part two — our turn to cook — to take place in a few weeks. let the family food gatherings continue!


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