cut down the salt

extra salty … even if it’s not necessary!

pretend food network interview q3: you don’t salt your pasta? NEXT!

i admit to putting too much in my food but i also don’t like the taste of too much salt. so in my quest to improve health, i changed my salt to sea salt and try to limit my use of salt in recipes where i can. but as i watch more and cooking shows, i’m curious why chefs use salt in almost every recipe? now i understand when you use salt in fruit to make it sweeter, or if you put salt in a sweet dish to bring our the flavors. sometimes you use salt to pull out the water in mushroom or tomato). and sometimes it is just for flavoring.

but even when chefs try to be health conscious and acknowledge there is salt in other flavors in the same recipe, they tell you to reduce instead of omit. i.e. cheese is already salty so just add a little salt — or — do you really need to salt the water to cook the pasta? with all the rich, wonderful sauce that will be mixed into or put on top of pasta, is the salt really missed? i haven’t!

so i say to all you experimenting chefs out there, use a little judgment on your own part and decide if you really need to add the salt in the recipe, ok?


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