not on the butter and bacon bandwagon

set aside butter … let the other flavors shine!

pretend food network interview q1: you use margarine??? NEXT!

i enjoy butter. i do! it is a wonderful flavor and an amazing ingredient in infinite creations of food. sometimes when i watch cooking shows and read recipes, i cringe seeing how much butter is in the recipe. aside from having high cholesterol, i have a “too much” threshold. if i eat something with too much butter, MY butter threshold, i need to down a pot of hot tea to ungrease myself.

so i like to substitute butter with margarine. i happen to like the flavor of margarine. i can tell the difference between butter and margarine but i don’t think that one is far superior than the other. when i think a recipe has so many other flavors than butter alone, i substitute with margarine and call it a day. but not all margarine is created equal. margarine in a tub is better than margarine in a stick so i always get the tub.

but butter is not the only issue …

seriously! not everyone loves bacon!

pretend food network interview q2: do you like bacon? no? NEXT!

now, don’t get me wrong – i love food network. i watch it all the time and when i watch the shows i not only want to eat, i want to cook! luckily, one of the beauties of cooking is that you can control, change and tweak ingredients. from watching food network i’ve learned ideas and then take it upon myself to substitute. substitute. substitute … e.g. i substitute butter with margarine. WAIT. food network just blocked my blog. ha ha. but they can’t block me from watching their programing so …

let my food adventure continue!


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