throw out plastics 3, 6 and 7

m has read that we consume too much plastic — even though we don’t know we are. we started to replace plastic cooking tools like spatulas and spoons with wood spatulas and spoons. we also make sure to let soups or any dishes we’re going to store in plastic containers to cool completely before we store them in the plastic containers.

in an ironic development in light of the recent change in age requirement for mammogram testing (previously at age 40+. now at age 50+), m found an interesting article where ny times columnist, nicholas kristof attended a symposium at mount sinai school that sees an increase of breast cancer – from 1% in 1975 to 12% today. some of that is related to the american culture, the environment and chemicals.

the article offers possible solutions at home are: avoid microwaving food in plastic or washing plastics in dishwashers (heat can cause chemicals to leach out). also be on the lookout of safer plastics as marked on the bottom of containers = 1, 2, 4 or 5 -vs- plastics to avoid are 3, 6 and 7. this is something to look at not only at home – but also as you shop for food – to avoid buying products that are in these containers.

article from The New York Times, Op-Ed Column: Cancer From the Kitchen by Nicholas D. Kristof – December 5, 2009

more about Nicholas’ article on his blog, On the Ground: Chemicals and Cancer

* read how i made the change to glass storage containers

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