not all students go home for thanksgiving

when i was in college, a group of friends who lived in the west coast didn’t go home for thanksgiving. instead they stayed at the school dorm. such was the fate for some of my college friends so they took it upon themselves to make their own thanksgiving dinner — and the all-men posse can cook!

one year, i came back to school the day after thanksgiving. i visited my friends and had their leftovers for dinner. what a spread — turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce — the works!

as my gf and i talked about our school days the week before thanksgiving, she came up with the idea to make a thanksgiving meal for students from our alma mater who didn’t go home for the holiday. her hubby was one of the all-men posse that cooked the amazing feast. i thought it was a great idea. my gf called our alma mater and finally reached the dept of student affairs. they were very excited about the idea and posted the offer to students. unfortunately it only a few days before the holiday weekend but still, we got 2 takers.

my gf is an awesome cook and has made many a traditional american thanksgiving dinner. she made all of the main dishes (turkey, gravy, mash potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, corn and peas, apple cranberry pie and pumpkin pie).

i contributed a few dishes:

my gf picked up my dishes. then she and her family drove all of our dishes to the students. we also benefited from each other’s cooking. she gave me some of her feast and i packed her some of my dishes. YUMMY!

next year my gf plans to contact the dept of school affairs early in the semester and give them advance notice. we’ll see how many takers we have next year. if we get a lot of takers, my gf found out you can order a thanksgiving feast from waldbaums for $50. then we’ll get other alumni involved in taking part of this. who knows, this event can become our annual tradition!

it felt nice to give something, even if was for someone we didn’t know. this is part of what makes this holiday my favorite of holidays.


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