hand made noodles go hand in hand with beef noodle soup (牛肉麵)


no one makes nu ro mien (beef noodle soup) better than the taiwanese! so when i tell you this place is the bomb, you KNOW you have to try it!

this popular dish at this little taiwanese restaurant comes in a big round bowl. the beef is so tender that you can gently push it apart with a spoon. but not only is the beef amazing, this place’s specialty is also its homemade noodle. thicker than spaghetti, thinner than udon, this noodle is delicious – you can taste the expertise in its making. to top it off, the rich broth comes in 3 levels of spicyness – mild, medium or hot. the bowl is pretty big so you may have enough for 2 full meals.

a fun appetizer you may want to have alongside the nu ro mien is a spicy cucumber dish with a hint of sweetness and a kick of spiciness but a nice crunch. yum. this little restaurant also serves other taiwanese specialties that i had in my recent trip to taiwan, including morning favorite sao bing you tiao alongside warm soy milk. but you know if i’m back there – it’ll be for the nu ro mien! i kid you not, you WANT to try this! ________________________________________________________________________________ eat at Noodle House in flushing, ny


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