sea food at harbour nyc

m & i enjoy trying new restaurants, especially seafood, and we like it even more when the owner(s) and chef(s) care about the environment and use responsible products. harbour‘s concept is “sustainable luxury. redefined.” they cook with local ingredients and sustainable seafood to create luxurious cuisine.

when you walk into the restaurant, it looks like a small place. there are high stool seating in the front and then a full bar. but then you go further back to meet the maître d’ and she escorts you around a hidden corner to the dining area. the “harbor” decor is both elegant and cozy. from nautical windows along the walls to coral for wall and side table decorations to fluffy pillows on benches along the wall side of the tables. it was quite lovely.

as for the meal, we enjoyed it thoroughly.

complimentary soup: tasty warm borscht made with beets and chicken stock, topped with horseradish foam and served in a shotglass.

appetizer: crispy red mullet with a lemon foam on top of flavorful sauce with lentil.

entrée: amazingly fresh and tender nova scotia lobster pot pie with crayfish, potatoes and baby asian vegetables.

dessert: warm molten chocolate cake was to-die-for with toasted fluff on top and vanilla ice cream on the side with broken crispy wafer and chocolate sauce below that just sent you to heaven.

aside from decor and food, the restaurant had an additional charm. the staff spoke of the chef as if they knew him. the waitress described the food having asian flavors … “thai, korean, japanese but not fusion because the chef hates that term.” the waiter turned the dish before i took a picture of the appetizer saying, “the chef would like the dish to be photographed this way.” it created an intimate touch from the chef. nice to have met you, chef anthony fusco!

eat at Harbour in west soho, nyc


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