winter mallomars

whenever i go visit my friends who used to live in the city, i always ask if there’s anything i can bring. usually, this involves a trip to chinatown for some dim sum or asian bun. but my last visit to the dc area, my cuz asked for mallomars.

funny thing is that i had a hankering for a marshmallow chocolaty cookie treat recently. i remember my parents used to get moon pies when i was a kid. i liked them. anyhoo, i was in the grocery store the other day and found my way to the baked goods and cookie section. i was trying to decide between a moon pie with 2 cookies (top and bottom) vs the mallomar, which is only 1 cookie. i ended up going with nabisco’s mallomars. spongy, chocolaty fun. yum!

anyhoo, in a random episode of The View i watched a few years ago — i think when whoppi goldberg just joined the show — i remembered whoppi mentioning mallomars were only available in the winter. it was a funny comment but i didn’t think about it again. anyhoo, with my cousin’s odd cookie request, i was kinda curious if there was something about mallomars that i didn’t know? apparently there is.

Nabisco creates mallomars seasonally because it doesn’t keep well in summer months because they can easily melt during warm temperatures. therefore they are generally available from early october through april. they are made in Canada by Kraft Foods but there it is called “dream puffs.” mallomars are especially popular in the new york metropolitan area — according to the packaging, more than 70% of its sales are in the new york area! what funny tidbit.

i didn’t get to pick up a box of mallomars before my trip to dc. but somehow i think a box will find its way to my cousin soon!

fun tidbit on mallomars in wikipedia


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