tachibana: oishii!

cuz’s kitman chose one of their favorite japanese restaurants, tachibana, for dinner our next night in their hood. what can i say other than it wasn’t just a dinner — it was a feast!

i ordered the chirashi meal as i often like to. back home, meals at japanese restaurants come with a choice of soup or salad but the soup is only miso soup and the salad is just the house salad. at tachibana, the chirashi meal not only came with a soup and salad, it also came with appetizer and dessert! the choices were also limitless so, i went to town! for salad, i chose oshitashi: boiled spinach served chilled with grated ginger and bonito flakes. for the appetizer, i decided on age-dofu: deep fried bean curd served with grated ginger and radish. as if having all those additions to my meal wasn’t enough, my cuz and i found a dish that took us back memory lane: chawanmushi! both our parents used to make it for us when we were kids: egg custard with soy sauce, dashi (japanese soup stock), mirin (kind of rice wine), mushrooms, kamaboko (japanese fish cake), boiled shrimp and assorted seafood steamed in an asian teacup-like cup.

it is wonderful when food takes us back to our youth. this meal was definitely one of them. thanks kitman for choosing the restaurant and cuz for the trip down memory lane!

eat at Tachibana in mclean, va

image from Tachibana’s website


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