obrycki’s crab — extra large, please!

UPDATE: Original Baltimore restaurant closing November 2011

since we were in the dc area, what better excuse to stop at obrycki’s for crabs? but crab season is april – november so a few days earlier, i looked up on their site to see if we could catch the end of the season. good thing i did: obrycki’s closes on saturday for the winter! with their online system, i was able to make a reservation and add a note: “please reserve extra-large crabs for us.”

after a lazy morning and a tasty brunch, we left my cuz & sk’s warm hospitality and headed north. as soon as we sat down, our waitress immediately let us know that she had a dozen extra-large crabs on hold for us! so, we ordered half a dozen for the table and packed the other half for family.

last time m & i went to obrycki’s for crabs, we went for lunch. we wanted to order the extra large crabs but we were too early. the waiter let us know that they usually arrive around 5/6pm and he gave us the tip that if we let them know in advance, they can reserve extra large ones for us. after all, the extra large ones run out quickly because they are usually the first choice that customers order! we can definitely see why. crabs can be tedious to eat at times because you have to do some work to get the small lumps of crab meat out of the body. but with these extra large crabs, you get a nice big chunk of crab per nook. with obrycki’s famous seasoning, great online reservation and friendly staff, and extra large size crabs … allz i can say is, see ya again when you open next season!

eat at Obrycki’s Crab House and Seafood Restaurant in baltimore, md when it reopens in the spring or mail order online year round!


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