indulge yourself at la sirène

for h’s bday, his gf chose one of their favorite restaurants, la sirène. if you know h and his gf’s love of butter, you’ll understand why. let me preface by saying that there is not much healthy about this place so let’s throw that thought right out the window! but when you walk in and smell the aroma of the food that comes out of their open kitchen, you won’t care! the 3 words i think that best describes this restaurant would be: buttery, garlicky, creamy.

the entrèes: onglet poêlé à la facon luchonaise (seared hangar steak with roasted garlic and parsley sauce) was tender and delicious as was the aile de raie charlotte (all butter pan seared skate fish with mango, caper non pareilles and lime). the dessert: iles flotantes, crème anglaise et caramel aux amandes (meringue, caramel and almonds), was so light and flavorful that you forget it is sitting in a pool of cream. but i think my favorite part of the meal was the appetizer of mussels! we ordered 2 kinds: moules dijonaises (steamed mussels with dijon mustard sauce) and moules rochelaises originated from la rochelle, a city located in the s.w.of france (steamed mussels with curry, diced apples and light cream). i loved the curry mussels perhaps because the cream is lighter but also because there was an additional kick in the curry sauce. the mussels came with a lot of sauce so we all took turns dipping many slices of bread in the sauce. honestly, i don’t know how we made it past the appetizer to eat our entrèes or attempt dessert but somehow we got it all in our very satiated tummies!

this modern french bistro in a quiet neighborhood in west village, seating 25 people max, is smaller than my first nyc apt. so be patient if they bump you if you’re sitting in the aisle. the owner is very friendly and when he’s at the restaurant, he’ll come out and introduce himself. he also gave us the heads up that he is opening a new restaurant called toro on 7th street between 1st Ave & Ave A. coincidentally, h and the owner not only share the same taste of food, they also share the same birthday so happy birthday the birthday boys!

eat at La Sirène in west village, nyc


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