i believe i can touch the sky … with buffalo wings!

repeat of throwdown with bobby flay: buffalo wings reminded of the weekend m & i went to buffalo. only there for a weekend, we went searching for the home of the original. after 1 wrong referral, we made it to: the Anchor Bar, baby!

the beginnings of the buffalo wing is a familial story: a son asked his mom to make some food for his friends. only this son, Dominic, was tending bar at the Anchor Bar and his mom, Teressa Bellissimo, had extra wings lying around (that she usually uses for stock) so she deep fried them and flavored them with a secret sauce. since that day in 1964, the buffalo wing has become a staple on the Anchor Bar’s menu and the buffalo wing sensation grew to the obsession it is today! the sauce is still a secret but you can buy bottles of Frank & Teressa’s original sauce as well as other Anchor Bar goodies online. the problem with going to the best, is that nowhere else compares. whenever i have wings now, i think about the original buffalo wings. you CAN order the wings for delivery in the u.s. so one day i just might just break down and do so.

if you are open to the love of more than just the original, you gotta go to the annual National Buffalo Wing Festival. one of these years, i’ll see you there!

eat at the home of the original: Anchor Bar in buffalo, ny

Labor Day is National Buffalo Wing Festival

original Bobby recipes from Throwdown with Bobby Flay – buffalo wings challenge: Hot Wings with Blue Cheese-Yogurt Sauce and Bourbon Street Buffalo Wings

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