tacos on wheels

if you have memories of running after the jingle of the ice cream truck when you were a kid (or adult), imagine how much exercise you would have gotten if there were all other kinds of good food rolling your way.

food trucks are a growing industry in recent years! the first one i searched for was the belgian waffle truck. i learned that wafles & dinges keeps moving from location to location, day by day, so i have yet to find to try it — but i will one day! last month, i watched throwdown with bobby flay where bobby accepted a chocolate bread pudding challenge by the dessert truck in nyc. yesterday, i was watching abc news and saw a food segment about the taco truck. touting creative healthy authentic mexican food, taco truck cooks and serves food from a truck parked at a location with a great view. from either the hoboken or jersey city locations, it looks out into the nyc skyline.

but the taco truck isn’t only about good food or a great view, it’s also about health and environment. taco truck’s website has a section on food > health that explains how the ingredients in their recipes are good for you as well as how it is good for you. they use fresh, organic, local and all-natural ingredients. they serve with recyclable or biodegradable packaging and have a recycling and composting program. their truck is equipped with energy and water efficient appliances, and it runs on a propane generator. i don’t make it to jersey often but this certainly is a tasty and eco-friendly reason to do so!

find the Taco Truck, currently in hoboken and jersey city, nj … but since it’s mobile, who knows where else it will turn up?

chase after Dessert Truck‘s new location in the village

* i caught up with it! have some yummy Wafles & Dinges


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