taiwanese street markets – pt.4: meats

like seafood, all kinds of meats can be found in the street markets too. to spare me and you the graphics, i didn’t take any pictures of the butcher stands or the live chicken in cages.

but what i can show you are stands of cooked meaty foods. stands with multiple cooked dishes for you to just buy and serve. from seasoned dishes, some mixed with vegetables, roots and/or seafood, and lots of sauce. others are just cooked meats that are sliced for you. yet others are just displays of all kinds of meats that have been flavored as large slices or sausages. take your pick.

in the states, beef and chicken are the superstar meats but in tw, i think pork is the superstar. from pig feet, bottom left, usually had for celebrations – to – shredded pork, bottom center, enjoyed with rice or bread – to – pork belly, bottom right, put inside a manto, some call it the taiwanese little hamburger. in ny, if you’ve been to momofuku or fatty crab, you are familiar with pork belly. momofuku has several locations and changing menus but their steamed pork buns are a staple at all of their restaurants. at fatty crab, they call it fatty tea sandwiches. they certainly are fatty. half the meet is cleary fat. but the flavoring is so tasty that it just slides down your throat. yum!


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