taiwanese street markets – pt.1: seafood

during my stay in tw, my solution to adjusting to the 12-hour time difference was to sleep around midnight and get up at dawn. it wasn’t really a solution but it kinda worked for me. so, what did i do so early in the morning? i watched/listened to asian mtv; i diligently ate breakfast; then i headed out to the street markets. street markets in tw are like farmers markets in the u.s. but instead of just selling farm products, they sell EVERYTHING. now, what could i mean by everything? well, let me start with: seafood.

yup, you aren’t seeing wrong. they are live. shrimp, squid, crab, oysters … they’re all out there! in the states, there would be citations of all kinds of health violations but in tw, it is quite a common practice and according to my mom, they are fresher than fresh!

but not to worry if that’s not for you. there are  huge bins of pre-cooked meals, like seasoned shrimp. there are various choices of seafood products like fish balls, processed fish loaves (kamaboko), imitation crab sticks that you can add to soups and other dishes. but if you want to eat while you stroll down the various streets of the market, you can also buy japanese sushi or maki rolls in ready to eat packages.

anyhoo, there is lots of seafood to be seen and eaten in the street markets.

hey, when in tw, do what the tw-ese do!

on a side note, check out this creative outdoor display. can you tell what they are? yes, they are oyster shells!


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