taiwanese desserts

speaking of sweet stuff, my perception of taiwanese desserts aren’t so much cakes and pastries, like in the states. it’s more jelly and ice with the consistency of slippery and chewy.

such is the jelly dessert from meet fresh. black grass jelly or white almond tofu. served hot or cold. with peanuts, beans, mochi or plain. with ice cream or shaved ice. with or without creamer. eaten with a spoon or slurped up in a drink. oh the varieties and choices!

then there is ice monster, a fruity ice place my niece found. the little dessert stand is open to the outside air and covered by an awning. in the inner top corners of the awning, there is mist blowing down so you feel as light and cool as the desserts you are about to enjoy.

the standard size is enough for several people. a popular flavor is mango and it comes with shaved ice with mango syrup, mango slices, mango jelly and mango ice cream. all i can say is … yum, yum and yum! hey — who said i was going to share???

as much as i love the mango ice, there is one dessert i love even more. it is a milky shaved ice that is so smooth and sweet, light and layered, looking like flowing ribbons. i’ve been there once but had not had another chance to go. the next time i go for a pleasure visit, that will be a place i MUST go!


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