taiwanese street markets – pt.3: fruits

one of the things often associated with taiwan is fruits. when you arrive at the Taoyuan Airport in taipei, you are greeted by persimmon head typing on a laptop. cute, huh?

markets all over taiwan will sell various kinds of fruits — from unique fruits like the star fruit, apple custard and dragon fruit … to local fruits such as taiwan coconuts, milk pineapples, short baby bananas and green oranges … to common fruits we see in the states, i.e. peaches, grapes and pears.

some of the unique fruits you can actually find in the states now but if you make your way to taiwan, be sure to taste as many different fruits you can!

a unique fruit i tasted was the passion fruit. similar to the pomegranate, there are seeds inside and when you bite into them, they give little bursts of flavor. they are a little sour, which i like, but quite tasty.

be careful when handling the passion fruit though. its passionate reddish purple color can stain materials. stick to cutting them open on a plate and putting the seeds in your mouth!


2 thoughts on “taiwanese street markets – pt.3: fruits

  1. Passion fruit is J’s favorite. My mom actually lugged back 2 containers of concentrated passion fruit juice. Add water and sip, it has the seeds in them as well! When we get our sofa (finally ordered) we’ll serve them


    1. yum!! there’s also this passion fruit jelly kinda drink that we had in tw that was really good too – no seeds just jelly like consistency. can’t wait to try it on your new couch — YAY!


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