ace of book-signing

this is my month of the duff.

i knew the Ace of Cakes book was coming out on tuesday, october 20. a few days ago, i checked in the barnes & nobles by my house and reserved a copy so i can pick it up the day it came out. i was content. the night before, i browsed on the charm city cakes website events page at midnight before the book launched and saw … duff goldman will be in new york for a book-signing on the day his book comes out in a barnes and nobles in long island at 7:30pm.

now, i had no plans of seeing duff any time soon — after all i had my fill when he led his Ace of Kids event earlier this month — but he was HERE … in my state! how could i pass it up??? so after m got out of work, we drove out to the island for book signing ambitions. as it turned out so did many many others.

book-signing began at 7:30pm and we were a half an hour late due to traffic. now, you wouldn’t think that would make much of a difference but in that half an hour not only did duff start and finish his discussion segment, the number distribution (which began at 5:00pm and was numbered from 1 – 500) as well as all the books in the bookstore were all gone!

but barnes & nobles knew their devoted fans. they sent their employees out to other b&n bookstores to pick up any available copies of duff’s book to bring back to the store to the happiness of all of those-who-had-no-numbers. we waited behind all of they-who-had-numbers in the hopes that duff would stay late and sign our book … he did!

with luck, i was able to pick up 3 books: one for me, one for my niece who i was meeting up with in a few days, and one for my gf and her daughter who i dragged to the Ace of Kids event. i was also able to sneak in a photo i took of duff with my gf and her daughter from the Ace of Kids event for him to sign and he did!

it has been a decorated month and i am cake-filled! the only thing that would have been able to up this event is the book-signing party at baltimore’s bookstore, Atomic Books where duff and the team of charm city cakes were going to be on hand to sign books. unfortunately, i am going to be out of the country … otherwise … you could have guessed where i would have been!


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