the DUFF is in town … and cake, icing and sprinkles are flying everywhere!

the duff is in town! the duff is in town! so imagine my disappointment when i missed him at last night’s SWEET event. BUT the Ace of Cakes was also the Ace of Kids as part of the food network new york wine & food festival, sharing with kids what he does best: decorating cakes!

at two 1-hour sessions at chelsea market today, duff goldman had classes of over 20 kids each getting their art on! those who had tickets and those who didn’t both crowded the entrance of the classroom in anticipation for duff’s class! of course he did not disappoint!

duff came bursting out of a makeshift room in his black charm city cakes t-shirt, backwards cap and cut up jeans with blue curtains flying behind him. he started off by running by each kid and side-fiving them “hello.” he got the kids started by asking them to imagine a picture in their mind. then showing them how to use a bag of icing, he set them loose! there were cake decorators everywhere and they decorated their hearts out.

it was a cake-tastic.

i dragged my gf and her daughter, j, to get in on this cake decorating action! although we didn’t have tickets bcuz it was already sold out when i heard about it, we patiently waited before the first session to see if we could grab any canceled or extra seats — and we did! YAY! j squeezed some colored icing, mixed up the colors on the top of her cake, added on some sprinkles and placed on some candied flowers and stars. she even smoothed out the icing on the side of the cake!

duff and his helpers made their rounds, working with the kids and their cakes. duff interacted with every kid at least once for a few minutes each with personalized dialogue and a cake decorating tip. duff and j had a fun time together. he enhanced her cake by poking a hole in the center of j’s cake and then filling it with yellow icing mountain. they also engaged in a little fun banter:

duff: that’s a lot of work, huh?
j: (wiped her eyebrow, “phew”)
duff: (wiped his eyebrow) phew!
j: (pointing her finger at duff) hey, you’re copying me!
duff: no, YOU’re (pointing at j) copying ME! (pointing at self)
j & duff: (repeat 3x … pause … both broke out into simultaneous laughter)

everyone got to bring their cakes home to enjoy. at the end of the session, duff signed chef hats and posed for pictures. it was a sugary educational and fun time for the kids and adults to spend time with the youngest kid at heart … duff!

my gf, j and i spent the whole day together. from central park at noon, sloppy joes at schnipper’s quality kitchen for lunch and then the duff’s ace of kids at 4pm. that night, my gf, her hubby and j had the cake for dessert. when my gf asked j what her favorite part of the day was, she said: “making the cake!”


more about duff goldman and the team at Charm City Cakes

* see my past post about the duff man

2 thoughts on “the DUFF is in town … and cake, icing and sprinkles are flying everywhere!

  1. Looks like J will be a future cake decorator! I think the 2 of you should go into business together 🙂


    1. i’ve been working on her mom cuz she’s so creative baking and decorating cakes for j’s birthdays! but yes, we’ll start j off early 🙂


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