how SWEET it is!

the sweetest event of the year takes place during the annual food network new york city wine & food festival! this year’s SWEET event was presented by godiva chocolatier and featured 56 booths with desserts (mostly) and drinks from restaurants, bakeries and beverage companies. there were places to mingle, dance and take photos. the event benefited food bank for new york city and share our strength.

now let’s talk dessert! i noticed a lot of desserts with pomegranate. there were a few booths with macaroons. and of course, there was chocolate! my favorite desserts were the pomegranate panna cotta, chocolate mousse and mini wedding cakes from babycakes nyc. m’s fav dessert was the creme brule with grapes that he ate two!

the dessert booth display i liked the most was the godiva dessert with the mini dessert cups on top of a chocolate tray, which was on top of a glass container filled with chocolate balls.

the highlight of that event was meeting bob tuschman, senior vp of programming and production of food network. while i almost never just go up to a famous person and talk to them, i couldn’t help telling bob that i love the food network and the shows i watch! he was so personable, engaging and unpretentious.

the only thing that could have made this event any sweeter was if i met duff goldman, owner of charm city cakes and host of this evening’s event. that’s ok. even though i didn’t see him, there was a whole lot of sugar that night!

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