yummy caesar salad

to supplement my new caesar dressing knowledge, i had caeser salad for dinner. we were in the times square neighborhood so m & i went to a belgium cafe, bxl cafe, that a coworker introduced me to. it’s funny, it doesn’t matter what cuisine a restaurant serves, casear salad is usually a staple on the menu.

that is fine by me!

during dinner, i told m my new caesar dressing tidbit and as usual with knowledge, there’s the quest for more. i had no idea where caesar salad originated from or if it could be named after julius caesar, as some bottles are branded.

so i did a little digging and found out that while there is no confirmed history, it was most likely created by a man named caesar cardini, an italian-born mexican, living in san diego in 1924. it didn’t show up on a Los Angeles restaurant menu until october 1946. caesar’s daughter, rose cardini turned her father’s caesar dressing into a dining staple and million-dollar business. you can also purchase bottled cardini’s original caesar dressing!

anyhoo, it was a meal of favorites. caesar salad and belgian peach beer. yummers in my tummers.

eat at BXL Cafe in times square, ny

some history about caesar salad
where you can purchase cardini’s original caesar dressing


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