thanx honeycrisp fairy!

before i was allergic to fresh apples, i enjoyed my share of apples: red delicious, mcintosh, granny smith, fuji … but it wasn’t until my gf and her husband moved to the “boonies” (post-allergies), that i was introduced to the honeycrisp apple. i couldn’t eat it but i heard everyone RAVE about it — how super sweet it was … how crispy it was … thanks guys, just rub it in! anyhoo, last year m & i went to visit my gf and her family in november. when we went to the apple orchard, they were taking orders for honeycrisp apple pies for thanksgiving. so we bought one and brought it back to the city with us. we shared the apple pie with our families and oh my taste buds, that was an AMAZING apple pie — and i’ve had my share of apple pies!

so “who” is the honeycrisp apple? apparently the honeycrisp was a product of a 1960s experiment of cross breeding apple seedlings. it was originally labeled as “discard” but a fruit breeder named david bedford landed upon it, determined it to be mislabeled, and saved it for all of us! in 1991, it was identified that the honeycrisp was a hybrid of macoun and honeygold. but in 2004, a dna test (yes, they can do dna tests for apples too) showed that neither of the macoun nor the honeygold are parents of the honeycrisp apple! it has since been determined that one of its parents is the keepsake but it is unknown who the other parent was. luckily the honeycrisp is an apple cultivar so when it propagates, it retains its created characteristics without the need of its original mix. therefore, we can continue to enjoy the sweet, juicy crispiness of the honeycrisp apple. and enjoy it we do.

as it is honeycrisp season, my gf sent us a box of honeycrisp apples. some of the apples are larger than a wiffleball — seriously. thank you my honeycrisp fairy! now that i’ve been trying recipes with apples, i’m going to enjoy some of them myself! for all of you nyc (and surrounding) apple lovers, oct 18 is apples on orchard hosted by the lower east side business improvement district. so go, learn and buy enough apples for an apple a day … well, maybe for a week so they don’t go bad. then you’ll have to restock from your local farmer or grocery store to hopefully continue to keep the doctor away!

more about honeycrisps from minnesota harvest and wikipedia

attend Apples on Orchard on Oct 18

2 thoughts on “thanx honeycrisp fairy!

    1. OOOOOH … can’t wait to try the SweeTango!

      maybe we’ll visit in november … and also pick up another honeycrisp apple pie!


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