déjà vu – wings with mac and cheese


after a photoshoot in the park for my friends’ family holiday card, we went to a kid-friendly place for lunch. mac and cheese is a childhood staple in the states — from mac and cheese in a box to gourmet mac and cheese restaurants, it is a quick, fun semi-nutritious meal — hey, it depends on who’s making it!

pinch (pizza by the inch) and s’mac (sarita’s macaroni & cheese), a merger of two restaurants, is a cute little restaurant mfk — made for kids! pizza is served on rectangular wood planks, from 12″ to 36″. mac and cheese are cooked and served in cast iron pans with sizes nosh (small), major munch (medium) and mongo (large) and can be regular or multi grain pasta. both are cooked in a flaming oven. they also have salads, wings, burgers and desserts.

i is creature of habit so i had a nosh of garden lite mac and cheese with a small order of wings. yum yum yum. since we all ordered different noshes of mac and cheese, i had fun tasting all of them! YUM x 5!

eat at PINCH & S’MAC in upper west side, ny

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