happy pickle day to one and all!

once a year, i can be one with all the pickle lovers of the world at the new york city international pickle day! co-sponsored by the ny food museum and the lower east side business improvement district, the festival celebrates “… pickled fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses … ” from “… all around the world, and around the corner.” happily we can taste and eat, learn and educate, shop and wear all things pickles! they even encourage you to bring your own costume! well … i personally wouldn’t go that far. i don’t attend the pickle day festival every year but i have fun when i go.

this year is no exception! to sum up what i saw:

there were plenty of things to buy! the brooklyn kitchen not only sells tools for pickling (and other kitchen needs) but also gave free advice on pickling. rick’s picks use local ingredients as well as gives “power to the pickle” by selling colorful t-shirts with a few of their catchy product names: “handy corn,” “the people’s pickle,” “smokra,” “phat beets,” “pickle person” and “mean beans.” in another table, i was tickled pickle to see pickle earrings! not only can you love eating pickles, you can also be chic wearing them. of course there’s pickle tasting from pickles on a stick to pickled kimchi and pickle purchasing from pre-packaged jars to custom filled take out containers. last but not least, there’s loads of info about pickles from geographic history to interesting tidbits! a pickle day is pickle-ful and pickle-knowledgeable!

more about the annual New York City International Pickle Day

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