say it ain’t so guss!

speaking of pickles, many know one of ny’s most famous pickle places is guss’ pickles. the pickle shop has a long history: owner and pickle recipe creator, isidor guss, sold pickles in this lower east side neighborhood since 1920 and outlasted all other pickle shops. after izzy passed away in 1975, his family sold the business. the pickle business continued in the same location with guss’ original recipe.

fast forward several decades, a dispute arose between the now owner of guss’ pickles in the lower east side (since 2004) and a guss’ pickles in cedarhurst (opened in 2002). yes, there are two and no, they do NOT get along.

to summarize, both claim rights to the guss’ pickles name and the use of izzy guss’s recipe. things got heated in 2006 when cedarhurst location owner, andrew leibowitz, sent a letter to LES owner, patricia fairhurst, to stop using the guss’ pickles name. this led to a lawsuit and a counter-suit. the settlement in 2007 allowed ms. fairhurst to continue using the guss’ pickles name but only at the LES location.

so imagine the surprise this summer when ms. fairhurst announced: shs’s moving the store and per the settlement, she’s not taking the name with her. citing the need for more space, high rent and the municipal parking changes in front of the store, she’s taking the pickle business to borough park, brooklyn. while it is understandable the 2007 settlement left ms. fairhurst bitter, she is doing what she needs to do for her business.

however, lower east side residents and pickle lovers are sad. we’re creatures of habit and we don’t want things to change. after all these pickle-loving decades, we’re saying good-bye to another part of history.

guss’ pickle, the name: the dispute, the settlement, the end of an era
stay in the know about LES guss’ pickles move to brooklyn and its new name

shop for guss’ pickles at its new location:
1470 39th St (between 14th-15th ave), Brooklyn, NY 11218

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