where’s my sushi pack?

ok – i don’t have kids (does hanging out with my friends’ kids count?) but i still love watching saturday morning cartoons. one of my FAV that i discovered over a year ago is sushi pack! just the intro theme song and lyrics gets me going: “… they’re really quite delicious, there’s something quite suspicious, about all the little fishes that are sitting on my plate. they are very very small, only two inches long, they are superhero sushi that are sitting on my plate! …” ha ha ha — love it!

come on, how can you resist these cute little crime fighting raw fish (and spice) characters:

  • tako maki:“uses his ink-squirting capabilities for the peaceful expression of art”
  • maguro maki: “in tune with her inner tuna”
  • kani maki: “klutzy queen crab who’s always … well, crabby”
  • ikura maki: “shoots sticky salmon balls”
  • wasabi pow: “a fiery glob of cuddly spice that doesn’t speak”

i love sushi but when i watch sushi pack — i crave it and have to have it for lunch that day or dinner that night! what’s funnier is that because the feet of the sushi pack characters are shaped as maki rolls, i HAVE to order a tuna maki roll! come my little sushi pack, let me bite off your feet. AMM NYUUM NYUM YUM YUM … gulp! don’t worry, i can roll new feetsies for them ;p

anyhoo, i tried to watch sushi pack today, but it wasn’t on its regular 11:30am time slot! if it is being rescheduled, i couldn’t find the new time. when i first discovered this show, i searched for dvds on this cartoon to give as presents for my friends’ kids but could not find them. you can see clips of the show in the agkidzone website but i hope to find the whole episodes someday!

i love sushi so much that i could eat it everyday if i had limitless funds. but health-wise, there’s an increasing awareness to reduce fish consumption due to over fishing and contaminants in fish. you can check the Seafood Watch website to keep up to date on which fishes are safe to eat or have issues. my cuz also got me to download the Seafood Watch app on my iPhone so i can check it before i decide what to order at my next sushi feast.

information, games, videos and activities for kids on agkidzone’s website for sushi pack

more about sustainable seafood on Seafood Watch


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