matchless mac and cheese

when you’re in the hood of billyburg, you feel like you need to have a guitar or an art brush cuz it is the place for the arts. but it’s easily forgivable if you appreciate the arts …which i do! yesterday, i went to check out my girl perform with her band, Vanguard Villains at matchless. the corner bar, formerly an auto shop, now shaped into a food serving bar with a side room for jammin’ performers and their groupies. the Vanguard Villains were awesome! the trio, consisting of a vocalist/guitarist, drummer and bass guitarist, rocked to their hearts’ content.

afterwards,  m & i stayed at the bar for some grub. wasn’t expecting much. just some fun, greasy bar food. but the vocalist gave a plug for their mac and cheese, saying it probably-has-some-dope-in-it is awesome! i couldn’t resist. i had a side of mac and cheese with buffalo wings. i forgot about the wings. and i don’t easily forget wings. the mac and cheese was THAT good. warm small plate with cheesey, cheesey cheese covered maccaroni with a top crust — not burnt cheese crust (which i don’t care for) — but light layer of breadcrumb kind of crust. YUM!!! my only regret was that i didn’t get a full order.

i’ll be back to support the arts in williamburg .. and for another serving of matchless mac and cheese!

eat and groove at Matchless in williamsburg, ny

listen to the alternative rock stylings of Vanguard Villains

other things to do to free williamsburg


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