hot chocolaty warmth

speaking of campfire and warmth, how about some hot chocolaty drinks? on a week adventure around brooklyn, i found this cute chocolate cafe with small round marble tables and cute chocolaty decorations. from chocolate sundae posters to chocolate colored pillows with choco-positive quotes.

m & i had finished a full meal so all we wanted was a little treat. m ordered the hot chocolate and i got the chocolate hazelnut tea. m’s hot chocolate was the perfect rich, thick chocolaty hot chocolate, without being too thick, rich or chocolaty. my chocolate hazelnut tea was so fragrant, smooth and chocolaty.

m’s hot chocolate and my chocolate hazelnut tea felt like a warm hug at the end of a delicious meal.

btw, if you’re a hot chocolate lover as m is, you can be adventurous to try out various flavors of hot chocolates at city bakery’s hot chocolate festival. every day during the festival, there is a different flavor of hot chocolate to try! from beer to bourbon … ginger to lemon … “love potion” to “sunken treasure” … there is a flavor for everyone!

i’m curious to try the earl grey hot chocolate. this year’s hot chocolate festival was in early january through march. so i’ll be on the lookout at the beginning of the next year for the next annual hot chocolaty goodness!

drinks, chocolate and dessert at The Chocolate Room in brooklyn, ny

annual city bakery Hot Chocolate Festival

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