made in … where?

as i was planning on investing in my new Le Creuset pot, i was also ready to upgrade my lagagna pan. i have been using a metal rectangular pan. it was in dire need of an upgrade as my lasagnas often fill above the metal pan. also, my issue with metal pans is that they aren’t easy to clean (even though i always line it with aluminum foil) and they rust. yuck.

since i was going to purchase a Le Creuset pot, i was also thinking about purchasing a Le Creuset lasagna pan. the sales woman at the local cookware shop near me told me that Le Creuset’s stoneware aren’t made in france — they are made in china. now, china has been exposed of MANY health violations recently, from putting melamine in their milk, dung in foods products to lead in children’s toys. since the disgraceful publicity, consumers reduced spending on products “made in china” so now some products “made in china” fly under the radar by changing their food or product labels as “made in …” another asian country. dirty. disgusting. ugh. they should stop giving other countries a bad name and they have GOT to clean themselves up.

now, when you think of Le Creuset, you think france! the sales woman recommended i buy my lasagna pan/roasting pan from Emile Henry, as their stoneware IS made in france. so i did. can’t wait to make my next pan of spinach lasagna!
more about Emile Henry products


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