fruit parfait

i attended an orientation/training session for new volunteers for Share Your Strength’s Operation Frontline. Share Your Strength is an interesting non-profit organization I recently learned about dedicated to end child hunger. the Operation Frontline stream focuses on helping families in at-risk neighborhoods learn how to prepare food nutritiously and on a budget. each class would have 3 volunteers: a chef, a nutritionist and a class manager.

to show us an example of what a class could be like, a chef who has been volunteering for the program for 2 years, led a demo and all the new volunteers participated as students from the community. at the student stations there were plastic cutting boards, knives and bowls of different fruit. the chef first showed us how to peel a pineapple and cantaloupe before she had all of us cut the fruits at our stations into bite-size pieces. all of our cut fruit pieces got mixed together into one large fruit mix. next she showed us how to layer a parfait and then let everyone create and eat their own parfait. it was a simple, engaging fun recipe that makes an excellent nutritious and delicious breakfast or dessert!

each class is once a week for 2 hours for approximately 6 weeks. there are various classes – working with youth, seniors, parent(s) with child, teen mothers, and more. after the classes end, the organization works with the students to set up cooking clubs so they can continue to practice what they learned after the class ends. i’m excited about this organization and hope i can participate soon!


  • fruits — any kind you like! ~ recommend: choose different colors
    – pineapple
    – grapes
    – strawberries
    – kiwi
    – cantaloupe
    – mango
  • crunch
    – granola ~ try Food for Life; Ezekiel 4:9® Organic Sprouted Grain Cereal – Golden Flax
    – cereals: cheerios, quaker corn bran, etc.
  • plain yogurt, low calorie and low saturated fat


Cut 1 to as many different fruits you like into bite size pieces

Layer yogurt, fruits and crunch. Repeat


more information about Share Your Strength – Operation Frontline

another fruit parfait recipe, this one from Emril Live: Granola Yogurt and Caramelized Pear Parfait Topped with Crystallized Ginger


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