crêpes à la banane et nutella

although one of the best dinners m & i had in paris was belgian, that didn’t mean we didn’t have any french favorites! oui! oui! and oooh la la … we did!

m & i stayed at a hotel a few blocks from rue cler, a street well known for its markets, restaurants and stores. it was on that street that m & i had our first crepe: crêpes à la banane et nutella. the crepe man spread nutella on one half of a large paper thin crepe, piled on the sliced bananas, then folded the crepe over twice forming a quarter circle and finally put the filled and folded crepe inside a paper wrap for you to hold as you eat. it was divine!

crepes in paris, however, weren’t just sweet. there were savory crepes as well as sweet and savory crepes. yes, they make ’em all. on the day we went to the versailles, m & i went a crepe restaurant a few blocks away. i had a spinach crepe and it was awesome! on our last day in paris, m returned to the crepe stand on rue cler and ordered the first crepe we had. he wanted crêpes à la banane et nutella to be the last taste he had in paris. crepes – très magnifique!


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