fruity beers

i don’t often talk about alcohol with food. i haven’t acquired the taste of fine wines and i like my fruity girly drinks virgin – i.e. give me my piña colada virgin, please! the exception is fruity beer. there are more fruity beers than apple cider beer. there is a the belgian fruity lambic beer.

belgian fruity beer come in various flavors. some flavors i have seen in the states include peach, raspberry and apple. other flavors i’ve learned about include sour cherry, strawberry and grape. my first and favorite belgian beer is the peach beer. they usually come in a 16-ounce glass bottle — a little bigger than the wine or champagne bottles you get as wedding favors. they are known to have a cidery, sour taste which i enjoy. if i go to a belgian restaurant or bar, i must have a fruity lambic beer.

i thought you could only find belgian fruity beers in a belgium bar or restaurants or bars featuring beers from all around the world. but i just found some in my local supermarket! now, i quench my thirst for some sweet, refreshing belgian beer in the comforts of my own home.

more information about lambic beers on wikipedia


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