happy memories of youth and sugar: lords bakery

isn’t it interesting that as you get older, the things you think about more and more are the things you grew up with when you were a child? as i planned my sister’s birthday dinner this year, i thought back to when we were kids. i remembered the neighborhood we lived in, the vegetable and meat market where we would shop for groceries, the corner candy store and fast food joints near the subway that i would stop at after school before going home. fond, fond memories …

every birthday that i remember, we would go to our neighborhood bakery: Lords Bakery for our birthday cakes. sometimes we’d have strawberry shortcake, lemon drop cake, or mocha cake … other times we’d get pastry: napoleon, eclairs or sponge cake … honestly, i don’t remember not liking anything we got from there! this year i thought i’d take my family on a trip down memory lane and surprise my sister with a cake from Lords Bakery. over 10 years since my family moved out of the neighborhood, the bakery is still there and kickin’ it. unfortunately, they didn’t have my sister’s favorite cake that day so we got another childhood favorite: strawberry shortcake.

you know how sometimes you eat something you had a long time ago and you’re disappointed because it doesn’t taste as good as your memory of it? well, that didn’t apply in this situation. the cake was just as good as i remember in my childhood days. during dessert we kicked back, had a nice piece of cake and reminisced about our old neighborhood. some things stand the test of time.

images cropped from Lords Bakery’s website


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