when my girlfriend updated her fb status that she had her grilled corn fix, i knew — i HAD to go wherever she went.

in a tucked away corner north of little italy lives a cute restaurant named café habana. at 4:30pm in the afternoon, the lunch menu ends but the dinner menu doesn’t begin until 5:00pm. because it is a small establishment, there is a bit of a wait but it is well worth it — even for the corn alone! the order of corn-on-the-cob comes with two ears of corn topped with chili powder, lime & cheese … oh my! it is a little piece of heaven in each kernel! i mistakenly shared my order but i could have easily gotten 2 or 3 orders just for myself!

café habana owner sean meenan is not just about the food — he is also about “respecting the community, the environment and the arts” and with his restaurants, he “… created a space where neighbors can gather around a great meal, learn, and create.” in his brooklyn location, his restaurant hosts kid events with eco-based projects. good food and good people. a delicious pair.

eat at Café Habana in east village or brooklyn, ny

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