buttercream + flowers = cupcakes

some foods are not only finger-licking good, but it is also a work of art. cupcake cafe is exactly this. the cupcakes are intricately and colorfully decorated with beautiful flowers. what a treat for the eyes.

if you can tear yourself away from looking at the cupcakes to bite into them, you will find the buttercream so rich and smooth that you (almost) forget it’s made with butter. the cake also moist and decadent! cupcake cafe offers many buttercream and cake flavors. they also suggest which buttercream goes best with which cake. cupcakes comes in 2 sizes – mini or large – but they also make cakes of various sizes as well as exquisite wedding cakes.

i’ve never bought this for myself because i would have no self control so i allow myself to buy it for parties, house visits and celebrations — opportunities where i can have one or a slice, but won’t be able to eat ALL of them. if i did, i’d always end up at friends’ places empty-handed!


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