power tools + architectural model-making = cake decorating?

in high school, i took a shop class and we got to play with power tools! i loved the tool room – the circle cutter, the table saw, the sander … oh, so many tools but only one semester. from high school to college to continuing education, i studied architecture. after interning and working at a few architectural and interior design companies, i decided that i’d rather appreciate architecture from afar than work in the field. when money plays such a big part in an artistic endeavor, the first, second, third … thing that gets cut is the design and that was painful for me to watch. it’s like watching a dissection go from mediocre to bad. so i moved on.

two career paths and a decade later, i was watching an episode of It Started With A Kiss, one of taiwan’s most popular asian drama series. for zhi shu’s birthday, xiang qing expresses her love for him by creating a diorama of a cake shop with tiny baked goods. it brought me back to my days of architecture and model-making. i missed that! i wished i could find a way to create with my hands again but i didn’t want to just create stuff and have it clutter my house.

enter food network challenge: cakes.

i was randomly flipping through the channels a few months ago and landed in the middle of a competition of 4 people who were building cityscapes out of — CAKE! i know! it was so fascinating seeing grown-ups carve, cover, paint, and play with food to create something so artistically spectacular (although some not so spectacular) ;p i was mesmerized!

my cake decorating hero is chef duff goldman, owner of charm city cakes. he and his staff star in the food network show, ace of cakes. the man is art, cake and happiness. his laughter makes you think the world is a party — why wouldn’t it be when you decorate cakes for a living and make people SO happy?

watching duff and the charm city cakes team makes me want to decorate cakes! the only reason i haven’t jumped into it is because i’d be working with cake. having cake around all the time isn’t the smartest thing when you try to eat healthy but you love cake! regardless, i have been researching cake decorating classes and recently found some classes on low-calorie baking (p. 26). there may be a place for me in the cake decorating industry yet!

classes at the Institute of Culinary Education
cake art + t-shirts = Threadcakes

photo from and view It Started With A Kiss online on mysoju.com

photo of Chef Duff Goldman from Charm City Cakes‘s website


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